Arizona in the Winter is the Place to Be

Scottsdale is considered the vacation mecca in Arizona due to the seemingly countless fine dining choices, golf and terrific shopping. Most seasoned retirees who take their extended vacations in Scottsdale want the control of choosing their location, interior furnishings, occupancy dates.


There aren’t a lot of options for a top-notch home away from home without making a long-term commitment. Purchasing a home or condo results in long distance, year-long responsibilities when you may only want to live there a few months out of the year.  Renting from the online condo listings is expensive and risky. Staying in a hotel is insanely expensive and the amenities within the room are nonexistent.

To many of us, having a second home sounds great. Escaping the cold weather and heading off to Arizona for a few months sure sounds appealing when the thermometer dips near zero. But along with the purchase of a second home comes the responsibility of upkeep and security, and the justification of the expense might be a bit more than many of us want to contemplate.

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Renting a luxury apartment for a few months, hooking up the power, and having it nicely furnished meets all those goals. Essentially you can “turn on” your second home with a very little investment, and “turn it off” and walk away for the rest of the year. No responsibilities, no expenses and no worries for the remainder of the year.

The pros of Castle Furniture have helped hundreds of Snowbirds to make their extended vacation become a reality year after year after year.

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    Driving Distance from Scottsdale
    Grand Canyon – 231 Miles
    Fine Dining
    Fine Dining – 0 Miles
    Sedona – 124 Miles
    Great Golf
    Great Golf – 0 Miles
    Desert Botanical Garden
    Desert Botanical Garden – 4 Miles
    Great Shopping
    Great Shopping – 0 Miles
    Saguaro National Park
    Saguaro National Park – 111 Miles
    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas – 307 Miles
    Meteor Crater
    Meteor Crater – 194 Miles
    Old Scottsdale
    Old Scottsdale – 0 Miles